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The Real Leadership Challenge: TOP-TO-BOTTOM FOCUS and EXECUTION

Monday, 23 November 2009


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Oleh : FranklinCovey US

The U.S. economy is slowing, the stock market is down, unemployment is up, and Americans are digging deep to make ends meet. During the current period of economic slowdown, it is natural to assume that business leaders are focusing on their organization's highest priorities and following a "straight and narrow path" toward profitability. However, new statistics suggest a much less focused performance at the worker level:

a. 49% of corporate workers feel totally overwhelmed by daily tasks and unable to accomplish all of their priorities. Yet, these same workers also believe that only half of their work time is spent on activities linked to top corporate priorities.
b. 65% of corporate workers feel a lot of pressure to produce more with less. Yet, 69% of workers also believe they possess more creativity, resourcefulness, intelligence, and talent than their current job allows.

Then consider overall corporate performance. A recently published Bain & Co. study revealed a broad gap between what companies hoped to achieve and what actually occurred. The study tracked the performance of 1,854 public companies during the 1990s, a prosperous decade by anyone's standards. At the beginning of the decade, more than 90% of these companies established annual revenue and profit growth goals of at least 5.5%, relatively conservative for the period. By the year 2000, only 13% or 1 in 8 of these corporations had even achieved the 5.5% growth while earning their cost of capital1.

So, how should business leaders interpret the paradox of high employee stress yet low employee focus and utilization? High profit and growth projections yet low financial performance? Could it be that business leaders, in their efforts to re-organize, re-capitalize, and re-engineer, have lost their ability to focus, execute, and get the job done?

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